California PPO minimum amount of time I need to pay premiums for

I'm a Nevada resident who needs to go to California to get a surgery. I have Nevada Medicaid. They will not cover it in California. I've contacted them and checked. And even if they would, the hospital, UCLA, said they won't take it. I will not be a California resident. I am traveling specifically for this surgery, and this surgery only, so I can't get Medi-Cal.

I plan on enrolling in a PPO plan once the open enrollment period begins. I believe it's going to be Blue Cross.

Anyway, once I enroll, what is the bare minimum time I can hold-on to this insurance before canceling and not have to pay premiums anymore? Ideally, I plan on canceling it as soon as the surgery is over, but I doubt it's that simple.

How long would I need to keep a PPO plan from Blue Cross in California if I enrolled in the next enrollment period? What's the bare minimum amount of time I could keep it before canceling and not have to pay premiums?

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