Can I have NY state health coverage and dental through my part time employer?

Hi! I’m a recent grad school graduate and started working in behavioral health back in June. I’m working part time at a hospital and have the option to get insurance through them. I recently reapplied for insurance through the NY state marketplace and am able to get low cost coverage. I’m not making a ton, working towards getting fully licensed as. a mental health provider.

I’m wondering if I can keep my health insurance through the state and enroll in insurance through my employer without penalty? I only work there part time so I’d like to keep the low cost coverage if possible and just pay for dental.

I am having some dental issues, I have to have my wisdom teeth out unfortunately! My current dental insurance isn’t accepting by ANY providers in my area. So this is a great opportunity for me to get better dental coverage. Will I get in trouble from NY state if I do? I honestly don’t understand insurance, any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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