Can’t afford Marketplace insurance even with APTC

Are there are any good alternatives to health insurance? Or anything I can do if I still can’t afford.

I used an APTC this past year (paid $150/mo. because it was the cheapest plan, couldn’t afford to actually use it, only access to absolute garbage doctors, now I owe like $700 on my taxes because apparently, they gave me too much money for the APTC and I should have paid more (F*** this country, anyways…)) and since getting a raise, I make more money and get less of an APTC, making it less affordable.

I basically at the very minimum, just want access to a primary care doctor who is also able to refill my medications, one being a controlled substance. I cannot afford to pay $200/mo. plus the cost of PCP visits + the cost of meds, plus in the past I’ve seen several specialists for health concerns that I know I can’t now.

The most affordable plan I have now is close to $200 a month. And gives me access to the absolute bottom barrel of healthcare providers. Like 50+ 1 star review doctors working at health clinics with 6 month wait times and nobody answers the phone when you call lol, which is not worth my money even going to.

What are my options? Can I call them and explain I still can’t afford these plans? Is there an alternative/s in terms of primary care visitation and medication? I currently see an NP through an online platform but they are not able to prescribe me one of my medications. I’m also worried about getting in an accident and being totally screwed.

Any advice appreciated. Thanks.