So I have been receiving chiropractor visits, and then I got a mysterious bill after I thought I would only be responsible for a $10.00 copay per visit. The provider says that they billed code 97140 which is a $30.00 charge (then added code 59 on the end which upon research is a modifier) and he indicated that this was not covered by insurance. But this explanation of benefits says that for code 9714059, the billed amount was $30.00, the allowed amount was $ 8.57, and the patient responsibility (through copay was $8.57). My noncovered amount is $0.00. He then sent me a bill for each visit for $30.00 and called it "Physical Therapy" and said that this bill is related to the charge for code 9714059 being not covered by the insurance. This is an in-network provider. Which I believe means that they cannot charge you beyond your copay and deductible for things that aren't explicitly denied. I did pay a $10 deductible for each visit. He says that I owe $30.00 for each visit since the blue shield responsibility was noted as $0.00 on the screenshot. Please see the EOB below (not sure how to share the photo)

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