Hello, first time in this Reddit but I figure this is the best place to see if anyone has insight.

Open enrollment is here for me and I have the option to take up an HMO plan via Kaiser.

I am currently covered under my partner with a Cigna PPO. If I enrolled in another PPO say, Anthem Blue Shield; this would be consider dual coverage and they would riff off of each other for total out of pocket costs should one not fully cover etc. etc.

If I get the Kaiser HMO and keep my Cigna PPO through my spouse I understand that they do not play nice as Kaiser only accepts Kaiser and Kaiser is not accept anywhere else.

Is there any repercussions to having both? As in will Kaiser deny coverage since I have a non-Kaiser PPO and vice versa with Cigna. I do know that claims can be denied for two PPOs outside of Kaiser network if you do not submit the others EOB. Would I even need to submit the others EOB since one is Kaiser and the other is not?

Due to medical conditions and medications I need, it would be cheaper overall for me to be covered under both and utilize each one Accordingly for each specific benefit needed. This is especially true since my union recently bargained for a subsidized premium for the Kaiser HMO basically making it “free”. I am also located in California if that makes any difference.

Thanks in advanced if anyone has any answers since I know this is pretty uncommon as most have Kaiser or do not.