Cigna updating plan based on claim received for newborn who has other insurance

I had a baby on oct 12th. The baby has been added to his fathers health insurance plan, but the hospital I delivered at automatically sent claims for this child to my insurance company (cigna). Cigna also received claims for my treatment at the hospital. Cigna processed the claim for the child and updated my plan to a family plan, which raised my deductible and out of pocket max from $1500/3000 on an individual plan to $3800/7600 on a family plan. I called the hospital and gave them the child’s insurance plan information with his fathers plan, and they said they will be submitting to that plan, but since Cigna already paid them for the child’s claim they will need to send the money back to Cigna and they will only do that after they’re paid by the child’s actual insurance.

The problem lies with cigna who says the claims they received for me will remain processed under a family plan. Per the reps I’ve spoken to they provide newborn coverage for the first 30 days. I’ve asked them where in their documentation they state that means my deductible/OOP max will be raised and they say that adding a dependent will do that, but I’ve never added a dependent. Cigna does not have the child’s name, birthdate, or social security number, so I’m not sure how they can claim he is my dependent. My employer has even told cigna that my plan is employee only and I do not have any dependents. The claim at Cigna for this child is being voided by the provider, so cigna will only have claims for me. They’ve stated that on the 31st day my plan will go back to being an individual plan but that claims received before that day will still be processed as a family plan.

Is there anything I can do about this? Because of the higher deductible/OOPM I’m on the hook for almost 5k more in medical expenses than we expected.