Claim I didn’t make was "denied"?

Long story short, I was in a car accident on Dec 31st, pretty late on New Years Eve. Other driver at fault, they accepted full liability, etc. I went to the ER for minor injuries. When I was in the ER they said they would list it was car accident and asked if I wanted to put my insurance on file, I said no, because 1) my coverage through Farm Bureau was ending at midnight and I didn't know how that would work, and 2) it was a car accident and would be picked up by the at fault drivers insurance. I provided my driver's license and nothing else.

A few months go by, I receive the bills associated with the visit, with "uninsured" discounts applied. I forward those to the other party's insurance as they accepted liability, signed off on a release form, no problem there.

Well today, I received a Summary of Benefits or whatever it is, from Farm Bureau, (not the same insurance the at fault party has) stating my claim was denied. Again, I didn't file any insurance during the visit, nor had I actually ever even USED the Farm Bureau plan once. Since they created a claim with the hospital, the uninsured discount was negated, with the summary of benefits from Farm Bureau showing several thousands of dollars in "denied claims".

In addition I received another statement from the hospital, showing a balance of zero with a $3,000+ charge "pending, awaiting insurance approval".

I called Farm Bureau, they can't tell me how they got any information regarding the accident/visit to attempt to make a claim. They also said they "can't cancel it", it will be "pending" until I provide additional details about the accident. To which I explained I didn't provide any insurance info, and I don't need the claim processed, there's no reason it should've been made. They stood their ground in saying they are leaving it pending until I give them more info including the accident report.

I'm really not sure what to do. I still need to call the hospital/ER I guess, but after 45 min on hold, after over an hour on the phone with Farm Bureau, I was disconnected so I needed to come here to mentally deflate and recharge.

I'm afraid that Farm Bureau stepping in negated the uninsured discount, reapplying full charges, to which they wouldn't cover (as of the terms of the low tier plan I had) if the claim is approved. Leaving me with $3k+ in bills, as the liable party insurance closed the case after paying the original billed amounts.

What on Earth do I do?

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