Comparing employer plans to Marketplace plans and eligibility questions

I don’t know if this is the right place to get help with this, but I’m trying to figure out our choices & costs for enrollment. My spouse’s job offers 4 insurance plans, and I’ll give the details for those below.

I want to compare them to individual plans on the Marketplace, but how do I know if they meet the minimum value & affordability requirements? Do high deductible plans meet minimum value — is the cost of the deductible even taken into account for minimum value? Do all of the plans have to meet it to make us ineligible for premium tax credits? If they don’t all meet minimum value, but the ones that do aren’t affordable, how does that affect eligibility?

I’m filling out the Marketplace application, but I’m not sure which plan’s info I enter the premiums for. The lowest cost one that’s offered (with the $10,000 family deductible) or the lowest cost one that meets minimum value/affordability (if some of them don’t)? I included the employee-only premiums below since I think that’s used to calculate affordability, but I have no idea how minimum value is calculated. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Base HSAPremium HSABase PPOPremium PPODeductible (individual / family)$5000 / $10000$3500 / $7000$5000 / $10000$1500 / $3000OOP Max (individual / family)$6500 / $13000$3500 / $7000$8000 / $16000$5000 / $10000Coinsurance30%0%30%30%Company HSA contribution$300$300–Biweekly Prem. (Emp. Only / Family)$26 / $150$50 / $295$70 / $385$120 / $555Premium + Deductible (for family)$13900$14670$20010$17430Premium + OOP Max (for family)$16900$14670$23010$24430