Considering health/dental combo plan and am not really sure where to start

Hello, I’m 31 and have never had health insurance before since I was on a parents plan at 24/25. This is the first time I’ve needed to buy insurance and am trying to navigate the health/dental combo plans.

I feel pretty clear about the health plans as far as what all the charges and terminology is, but the dental stuff is a little more confusing.

I’ll likely need a couple ceramic cavity fillings this year which from what I gather is considered minor work.

I don’t have any preexisting health conditions but had a fairly serious back injury this year that I am healed from, but don’t want to be uninsured again. I don’t even have a primary care physician, but would consider getting preventative health screening, whatever they call that. I also am considering seeing a therapist if it would be partially covered (we all have our challenges in life, I’m no exception).

The difficult thing with marketplace is that it seems as though they want you to select a health plan before being able to see the dental plans, so it’s not really that easy to navigate. Folks here have also told me that dental plans are cheaper off the marketplace but if that’s the case, where do you purchase it? Would it really be cheaper than a marketplace combo health/dental plan if I likely just need a couple fillings?

Any help and guidance is much appreciated. THANK YOU!