Contracting agency will not respond to emails or answer my calls and I need to cancel my HI. What can I do?

I’m employed by a company through a contracting agency. Said agency provides benefits, including health insurance through United Healthcare.

We are switching to my wife’s health benefits since they are provided by the state through her work, which makes it not only better than what we currently have but also much cheaper.

My contracting agency however is unreachable. I have left several emails regarding different issues throughout the past 3 months. Never received a reply to a single one of them. I have tried emailing 5 different addresses associated with the company, individual employees as well as general HR email addresses. Nothing. I emailed them about the health insurance stuff twice so far with no luck.

I attempted to call their two listed numbers, no answer on either of them. I reached out to United Healthcare, they told me they can’t do anything. My agency has to submit paperwork for the cancellation of my benefits. I explain the issue to them and they said they will call the agency as well.

They have the same number for the agency that I’ve already called. I gave them the second number as well. United called them both, left a voicemail, no response.

What can I do at this point? I don’t want to be paying for 2 heath insurances in the same time. I will be burning over $800 dollars a month because that’s the difference between the cost of the two, if I don’t cancel by the end of September (or whenever they charge me for HI again).

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