Corporate insurance policy Reimbursement –

I work for an IT company, which allows for 5L insurance floater for GMI ( can enroll parents/in laws)

I have enrolled both my parents , my father got admitted last month for cellulitis in a non- network no cashless hospital twice , we paid amount in cash , collected all receipts

I have submitted all documents to corporate insurance company, now the query was sent back to me provide all paper when my father was diagnosis with diabetes for the first time and treatment for certified doctor

Well he was diagnosed with diabetes few years back, and took the treatment in local clinic, and honestly i do not have the Papers on that

Question is – the policy clearly states, pre – existing disease are covered, why diabetic related details are Asked now? If they have issue enrolling parents with diabetes they should have made the tests while enrollment

Can i get help from IRDAI or ombudsman here? As it is a corporate insurance policy provided by company, can i escalate to IRDAI, will there be any consequences with respect to my company..?

PS : Alreay escalated with company HR and TP, seems to be no use Insurance provider – iffco tokio TP – FHPL

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