Covered California Income Question — Moving Abroad


I'm currently enrolled in a Covered California plan that sucks, but I'm leaving the country at the end of February and don't plan to come back for a few years, so I'm cancelling my US insurance. However, I'm not sure what the impact will be on my income/tax situation — I work gig jobs and freelance, and I estimated a 2023 income high enough for a Covered California plan. I wanted to enroll in Covered California insurance to continue care with a specialized surgeon who I had been seeing for the past few years.

But, do I need to make over 20K for the whole year to be eligible for Covered California for two months, or do I just need to be able to prove I made enough money for the time that I was in the US? Is it good enough to have make 20K/6? Or will it look like fraud because my overall income was too low and I should have been enrolled in Medi-Cal?

Please let me know if you need any more information, I feel like I haven't explained it very well, but that's because I barely understand our health insurance system…

TLDR income too low for Covered California, but leaving California — problem??

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