Crazy premium increases for 2024

A presentation by our benefits department recently posted the announced premium changes to coincide with open enrollment:

For self-only:

UC HMO – 26% increase Kaiser – 26% increase Health Savings Plan – 181% increase (not a typo!) UC PPO – 26%

This also isn't a case of the HSA plan being the cheapest to begin with. It was simply average and in-line with the rest. After the increase, it is now the most expensive offering available by far.

Is that wild or what? The staff member had to stop her presentation and explain the numbers, and basically said that there were an excessive number of claims among the HSA group last year. So that cost is being brought forward.

And this is all just a year after I discovered the magic that is the HSA. Pretty bummed.

Not sure if all those claimants are going to jump ship 2024, but I think the rest of us who were just saving away slowly will have to. The current premium no longer justifies the coverage at all.

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