I had a work injury and went out on workers comp in September. I’m still out and after three months had to start paying my portion of insurance for myself and my kids every two weeks. That cost is only $62 which is manageable. At the six month mark, I was told I had to go on cobra.

For medical, the cobra rates show almost 1,500, and then it’s additional for dental. That’s more than one of my bi weekly pay checks. I'd be spending the majority of my monthly wages just on insurance.

Our current insurance is Aetna. My kids are both teens, one kid is a hazard to himself and always hurt. We visit the ER or urgent care multiple times a year.The other one is healthy. He has braces, so dental is a must. I love my primary care doctor, but understand I may have to switch temporarily. I see specialists for migraine treatments, but would be okay with switching. They partnered with a hospital and their prices have went way up.

Are there any more affordable options? I’m not familiar with how this works either. If I got temporarily coverage, would I be eligible to my coverage through work again once I return? Or is there a waiting period?

I made the mistake of signing up for quotes today online. I’ve received about twenty calls, texts, and emails. So I’d rather avoid looking online again.

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