CVS says my prescriptions arnt covered under my insurance bc it needs to go through my primary insurance first (I don’t have a primary anymore)

Okay I have insurance through my husband. It’s BCBS and really good. It’s the one we usually use. I had insurance through my own work also a few months ago but then quit which resulted in it terminated of course. Nothing else has changed. Everything’s been good, my dental , vision, and medical all has been working until today. CVS told me that i can’t use my husbands insurance because I need to use my primary insurance first. When I explained I don’t have one she said “well we show you have another one but when we run it, it shows you no longer have coverage but we cannot use your BCBS unless you run it through a primary”. When my husband and I did the insurance through him we had the BCBS marked as my primary anyways, and it’s usually what is used even before when I had two.

Idk what to do. I’m out of my medication and can’t afford the $400 it is. I’m panicking. The insurance office is closed till Monday, and cvs said they can’t do anything or run it through just BCBS. Then she said they did it before but the insurance stopped them this time. So I’m not sure what’s really happened.

Is this how it works? What do I have to do?