Dad going through an open heart surgery

As the title states, my dad will be needing an open heart surgery that will require at least 7-10 days of in-patient hospitalization + subsequent follow-ups/treatments for at least a month. I have been told his total bill will total around $200k+. We’re currently located in NY.

Thankfully, it is currently enrollment period; his surgery can wait until next year and we’re choosing a insurance plan that will be most financially shrewd for us.

My dad and mom are currently filing tax jointly with income about $66000. (Way over Medicaid limit)

If we were to currently stay in his plan: – deductible: $7200 / year (once again, the hospital bill will go WAY over so i guess irrelevant?) – out of pocket: $14,500 / year – monthly bill: $404, totaling $4848 / year

—> estimated cost for the year: ~$19,348

If we were to choose a “platinum plan: – deductible: $0 (once again, irrelevant) – out of pocket: $4000 – monthly bill: $1047, totaling $12,564

—> estimated cost for the year: ~$16,564

I guess I wanted to use the platform as a sounding board to double check that my logic/math was correct, and to see if you guys had any other advice or suggestions as my family navigates through this situation.



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