Dental insurance, self employment

I started a self employment job a couple years ago. When I signed up a insurance minded friend helped me pick out a plan, it was smooth and I’ve used the plan a few times actually.
When I asked them about dental they said that since I wasn’t in a group (insurance through a job) that dental insurance, while cheap, would basically only cover my basic cleanings and checkups. Paying what I’d likely pay out of pocket myself anyway. And sure enough my regular dentist did a cleaning/x-ray/checkup for pretty cheap (I’m not even sure it was $100)
I really hate not having coverage. I’m getting older and I’ve seen what some people have paid for some simple dental surgery. Is there anything available for someone in my position? Was hoping to sign up this year when the market is open or whatever, but it’s been a heck of a season and I haven’t looked into squat. I have an appointment later this month for a cleaning with my dentist and I was hoping to ask her about it as well.

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