I made an appointment with this dental office because they are in network with my insurance. I needed my wisdom teeth taken out because they are erupting, overcrowding my jaw, bleeding, sores, and causing nerve pain all across my face/head. At one point I was in so much pain. So for my first appointment, they ran my insurance to get an estimate of the procedure and said it was covered. They booked my appointment in 1 month. Fast forward to 2 days before the surgery date, I get a call from their office saying that they need a doctor’s referral and my dental insurance info in order to check if the procedure is covered, otherwise they will not do the surgery. I called back after I got off work to find out they’re closed today…..wtf??? I’m freaking out because this is so unreasonable on so many levels an wisdom teeth removals is just 2 days away. What can I do? Is there any legal action? Is this reportable to the board of dentistry? Help….

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