Disabled and In Need of Assistance

Hi everyone, hope you are well.

I’m reaching out for assistance because I have been struggling financially for over a year now due to being placed on an indefinite medical leave without pay due to my disability accommodations. I have been fighting hard to advocate for myself to my employers, my health providers, my insurance, my landlord, and even SSI/SSDI. I am getting tired and defeated, and I feel like there’s only so much I can do.

I was able to hold back some of the stress with careful planning my finances but I have no savings anymore, no income available, I can’t apply to unemployment benefits because I am “employed.” It’s truly a shit show and I don’t know where to start/ what to say/ who to talk to anymore. I just need someone to guide me to help for finances, for legal help. Anything. I want to be able to live with my disability and move on.

This is my first time posting on here so I apologize if I’m speaking out of turn/ incorrectly. Thank you.

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