Do I have any options as someone in poverty in Alabama?

So I lived in poverty almost all of my adult life, and in red states without expanded Medicaid/care i still dont know the difference.

About 6 years ago I finally made enough to be at the federal poverty line which qualified me to get a healthcare subsidy which gave me free healthcare. Years went by and I made about 2k more per year each year. Then last year I lost my job and stayed unemployed for 5 months. More due to my crippling grief over losing my little brother than not being able to find a job. Now I work at a pizza shop and make peanuts. Delivering pizza is what lifted me up out of poverty but now it's drug me back down. I expect to make 12-13k if my wages stay where they're at. However I just finished massage school. I am not yet licensed and won't be until December or January. After that I have job lined up working with a friend from massage school. I stand to make way more but who knows how much. I'm not making it now.

Should I sign up under my hypothetical future income, or what?

I don't want to be out of healthcare for a year because I'm broke AF at the moment.

What do I do? Do I have options? Have healthcare laws improved at all under Biden?

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