Doctor used out-of-network services

I recently went to the doctor requesting blood work and the doctor recommended gene testing as well. I looked up the gene testing and it’s through genesight who has a guarantee that if insurance doesn’t cover the test and I have to pay more than 330 dollars they would contact me prior to doing the testing. My insurance was charged 5500 dollars for the test and that claim was denied. The doctor also sent my blood work to an out-of-network provider.

I’m wondering if I have any ground to challenge this under the no surprises act because why would my in-network provider use out-of-network providers that really doesn’t seem fair to me. I’m also wondering if I have any ground in that I was never contacted about going through with this test with it being well over the 330 dollar guarantee. Would they have contacted my provider before going through with it and my provider could give the okay to charge me more than the 330 dollars?

Any insight on this would be much appreciated.

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