Doctor won’t cash check insurance sent them, instead is keeping my money. Help?

Hey, so I don't even know where to post this. Last May I went to the doctor and gave them my health insurance info. My claim was processed incorrectly (my insurance acknowledged this) and denied. In the mean time I got a bill for $1600. I paid that, and then after some back and forth on the phone was able to get my claim re-processed and they paid out. My patient responsibility was only supposed to be $50.

But their pay out was significantly less than what the doctor charged me.

I contact my doctor, ask for a refund, they say no problem.

Fast forward 6 months later, after calling the doctor every month to check up on my refund status that they kept saying would take longer and longer, I find out that they never cashed the insurance company's check and aren't issuing me a refund.

I tried disputing the charge with my credit card and lost. I tried filing a complaint with my insurance provider and … nothing.

What do I do now? Am I SOL? Do I need to get a lawyer involved?

Arizona, 32F, make less than 40k year. This was a tough bill to cover.

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