Does having MA as a secondary help or hurt?

I am 28 and recently diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. I have a PPO plan through my employer which is fine. I’m single, not married and living in PA. I pay $400/month plus a $3k deductible.

My doctor and I just submitted for a biologic, Skyrizi. On my insurance’s site, it is about $60k a dose and I will be responsible for $120 of that. Which is fine, I can afford that.

Obviously, I am going to have ongoing procedures, appointments, medications, etc. I was reading on the Crohns Collitis Foundation that those with significant illnesses qualify for medical assistance due to their disease. I am not familiar with MA at all other than the stereotypical thing you hear about it. I can say that I DO NOT want it if it’s going to hold up approvals or complicate things more than needed.

Would having MA as a secondary insurance lessen my OOP costs longterm? Does MA as a secondary tend to complicate things?

Any insight is very much appreciated!

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