Does this fall under the no surprises act?

I am pregnant and had an appointment with a MFM specialist doctor about a month ago. Prior to the appointment, I reached out to the contact I had for the office and requested the procedure codes for whatever services I would be receiving so that I could check them with my insurance and know how much I would owe. They responded that I didn’t need to worry about it, as their business office would check my insurance and contact me ahead of my appointment if the cost would exceed $50. I was never contacted by anyone, until today when I received a bill for $1200 from that appointment.

I have in writing (email) that I requested the procedure codes and was told I would be contacted ahead of time if the bill was going to be in excess of $50. She specifically said “if you don’t hear from the business office, you can safely assume the appointment will be $50 or less.” I never heard from anyone, and went to the appointment as scheduled. Haven’t heard from anyone since then either until receiving this bill.

Do I have any grounds to dispute this?

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