Employer Health Insurance plan is Completely Out of my Network

Some backstory for context: i started a fully remote job with a large hospital system in south Florida, and I live about 5 hours away. I switched jobs due to a few reasons, the remote option was a big plus as at the time I had a long commute in heavy traffic and was in office 90% of the time. Another deciding factor was the $35k salary increase. In my naivety, I assumed the health insurance was like most other companies and would have at a minimum a statewide provider network. I did not learn about the benefits until accepting my job offer, and that’s when I found out they have their own hostpital-owned health plan called Community Care Plan (CCP). The provider network is all the local physicians in hospitals in the area. This only covers about 8 counties in the south-east part of the state. Needless to say I have zero in network coverage where I live. I was told to sign up for the plan that covers out of network costs at 40%. The plan does cover virtual visits for free, and small copays for Walgreens and CVS. It also says they will cover emergency room type stuff. When I tried to use this insurance for a sick kid, the doctors are telling me they never heard of the plan and cannot accept it and will not file a claim against it, so I have to pay the full out of pocket costs and then try to get reimbursed myself by submitting my own claims. Then when I tried to find out from CCP how to submit the claim they keep giving me the run around and not answering my question, telling me to have my doctor file it. I have this coverage for myself and 3 children, so imagine my dismay at knowing I have basically no health insurance for my kids that I am paying for each month. Thankfully they have been relatively healthy since I started this job. It’s now open enrollment and I don’t know what to do. I want to try to sign up for a private insurance plan but I can’t even shop till October, and then I don’t have any idea how much it might cost. Do I keep the employer plan and hope and pray nothing serious occurs, or wait till October and buy a private plan?

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