My wife is deciding on a new job offering two different scenarios: mind you we are in ND and marketplace plan is HMO, while employer is BCBS. Thought the HMO network is basically our only provider choice anyway.

Scenario 1. $51k salary and her fully covered + $904/ a month (10848/yr) for myself and out baby daughter to be born in June. The plan offers $250 individual deductible, 40% copay, and $1900 max oop. (Individual)

Scenario 2. $57,500 salary- We continue on our Sanford TRUE 1750 plan at $1006 a month (12072/yr) for all 3 of us. $1750 deductible, 30% copay, $8450 oop max. (Individual)

The guaranteed cost of insurance incorporating the pay cut for employer insurance ($10848 +$6500 difference) is $17348 but with lower deductibles.

To continue with our marketplace plan is $12072 but with higher deductibles.

This leaves a $5276 difference to be used toward deductibles if we self insure as I see it-

Our question is, are we missing something? I’ve always heard employer insurance will be the better bet in almost all cases. Is there considerations we are missing? What would you do?

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