I work in a large industry as a W2 contractor. My company offers health insurance, but doesn't cover any of the cost. My premium is $400 per week for my family (41M, 33F, 2F). Deductible is 6k per person or 14k family. With the premium and a few emergencies (never knew how expensive a toddler is), we're close to 30k this year. We haven't even hit a deductible yet. This seems incredibly high.

Our open enrollment isn't until next May, so I'm kinda stuck until then. However, I'm considering moving to a plan on the marketplace instead. My income is 185 to 200k a year, but I'm fairly certain my high premium is not considered 'affordable' (not than 8% of AGI). I think I'll qualify for a small discount.

My question is, what are the pros and cons of this switch? Am I missing something (tax implications, etc)? Is there another option I'm missing?

Thank you in advance.

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