I started a new job on Oct. The benefits dept. emailed a link to enroll in benefits with an enroll by date included. I tried and tried to log into the website, contacted various people but continued to get a username error. I eventually went to HR in person as the deadline was imminent. I told her what was going on and she replied in a snippy manner, that I was not eligible to enroll until my 90 probationary period was up. I told her I realized that the 90 day period was when the benefits would start, but the enrollment email gave a very specific 60 day enroll BY date. She repeated her initial snippy reply in an even snippier manner, told me the website was hard to navigate, and gave me a paper form to fill out and return to her. I returned it the following day. Since then, a month has passed. The premiums are being deducted, and the vision cards have been received, but I have not heard a word, or received anything from the health insurance. I have a sneaking suspicion that the health insurance portion was actually denied and my corporate office does not realize it. Is this scenario possible? What would you do to find out? I dread another interaction with Miss Knownothing in HR.

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