I saw a gyno in July of this year. I picked the doc because of positive reviews on Zocdoc and because it was listed in network.

I had a great appointment. Paid my copay, all was good. They found some issues and scheduled me to follow up this past weekend. After my visit they had me meet with a billing specialist who said they were not in network but not to be concerned because they would still be paid by my insurance, the insurance would just send me the money to pay them. Forgive my ignorance, I have no idea how this works or if she was lying to me. She stressed that when I receive an EOB, not to panic as this is not a bill. What I owe will be the amount covered by insurance.

I have decent insurance where out of network coverage is covered 70%. I have just received 15 pages of EOB with pages and pages of billing info some of which seems faulty (two X-rays? For a single meeting with a gynecologist?). I’m planning on calling the insurance company because the out of pocket amount is already in excess of 2k which is a lot of money for me but I still haven’t received a bill so I feel like I’m flying kind of blind.

My weekend appointment with the obgyn resulted in them finding a growth that needs to be removed quickly and they scheduled me for this weekend. They specified I would need to put $500 out of pocket for anesthesia which I consented to but now I’m worried about what I might be billed for in excess. I worry they were disingenuous in saying I wouldn’t be billed outside of what insurance pays and I’m just very anxious I’ll end up getting a bill months down the road for thousands of dollars I don’t have.

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Should I cancel the procedure and look elsewhere? I feel dumb because I was anxious when the billing lady mentioned they’re actually out of network but when she told me not to worry and that costs would still be covered by insurance, I felt at ease and put it out of mind but maybe that was wishful thinking and she was just lying to get w customer?

Can anyone explain what might be happening?

I can give more detail if needed.

I’m located in New York City if that’s helpful.

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