EOB says claim denied…but that I owe nothing?

I have Aetna through my employer. Urgent care visits are covered, with a $15 copay. No deductible. X-rays are also 100% covered.

Last month, I went to urgent care for an animal bite. The urgent care is in-network. I got a tetanus shot, an X-ray to make sure infection didn’t spread to bones, and Rx for antibiotics. Paid my $15 copay and was on my way.

Received my EOB that says the claim was denied, but says that my share is $0 and I don’t owe the charges. There are two reasons given: 1) the tetanus shot and X-ray are “usually not performed in conjunction with another procedure performed that day” and 2) the urgent care center global charge ($500) days “you do not owe this amount. This is part of the rate your provider agreed to accept”.

I’m just concerned given that it says “denial”. I’ve never had that happen. Should I be expecting a bill in the mail from the urgent care?? And I’m just not understanding why this was denied, when it’s stuff that’s clearly covered in my plan?? Anyone else have this happen? Advice?

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