Find HDHP to supplement DPC for one of us

Household: 31/M (me) No pre-existing No prescriptions Non-smoker Covered through work and VA healthcare

32/F No pre-existing No prescriptions Non-smoker Was covered by temporary, expired last month

No kids, but planning in near future (have a plan for DPC pre-natal and postbirth care)

Household income ~100k gross, through multiple streams.

I’m insured through work in NC through Blue Cross Blue Shield. It costs nothing for my coverage, but 400/month to add my wife. We prefer to have direct primary care (DPC) for her and supplement with an HSA-eligible high deductible health plan (HDHP) in case of major illness.

The DPC office we like is 60/month for her. That leaves a budget of 340/month for it make financial sense to get major illness coverage (too old for catastrophic coverage)

I have done a lot of looking and spoken to a health insurance agent locally. It seems that it costs too much for major illness coverage, because essentially that doesn’t exist for less than 450/month in our region, at our age, in our income bracket. My hesitation with using my work plan is I expect to go to part-time within the next 12 months, and we expect to get pregnant in that same period. I would lose that coverage at part-time. I worry about switchong healthcare coverage in the middle of a pregnancy.

My big request with this sub is: Is there a major illness only, HSA-eligible, HDHP that would cost less than 340/month (without subsidies)? I’m looking for unconventional options at this point, I think.

Any other thoughts or wisdom is welcome as well.