Former Employer’s Health Insurance Still Active Months After Leaving Job

I left my job in mid-December 2023. At that job, I had health insurance, and I was told it would end at the end of December. I've started a new job and have new health insurance, however, I had forgot to update my insurance with the pharmacy.

I picked up prescriptions last week and noticed the prescriptions were processed through my old insurance, but that the claims were approved and they have been the past few months. When I checked the insurance website, it shows my insurance is active with a benefit period from January 1 to the present. It also shows the previous plan period from August 1 to December 31, 2023, as inactive.

I'm really confused about why this insurance is still showing as active and who might be paying the premium. I have not received any sort of bill from the insurance or my prior employer. I reached out to the insurance and was told to contact my employer. I'm concerned about contacting my prior employer and want to make sure first that there is no way I would end up owing money as this seems to be an administrative error on their part? Anyone else have anything similar happen? Any advice?

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