I have had a freedom life policy for a few months and I understand they are not ACA compliant and what not. My goal was originally to have catastrophic insurance if I was diagnosed with something or got into an accident, but was told this plan covers and accident/diagnosis after $3k deductible with no limit. This policy also includes preventative dental all for $250/monthly.

I got in touch with a few agents when open enrollment came around and due to my income I wouldn’t be eligible for discount at marketplace and lowest was around $275/monthly for a $9000deductible plan and preventative care included. Everyone recommended Freedom Life to me because of its benefits and since I have no preexisting conditions and I am 20 years old.

Has anyone had issues after meeting their deductible or really examined the plan? I know there are mixed reviews out there, but want to confirm if their type of catastrophic coverage is true. And if non-ACA plans are so bad, where can I find an agent who will tell me otherwise… Thanks!

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