My family’s health insurance is in a crisis- and the situation is tough to manage

Hello guys

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I need advice on health insurance, my father got diagnosed with cirrhosis this year and one doctor, to whom we went for an additional advice on the prescribed procedure, mentioned substance consumption history and the company has been using it since to deny any claims, the policy has expired this week. My problem is now that the company has the substance abuse document it will use it to nullify and reject any claim that'll come and even if I switch to another company, they will share data within each other and then the new insurance company will keep on rejecting claims.

What to do now? The rejected claim case from previous policy is now with The Insurance Ombudsman office under consideration from three weeks, the current company had it's salesmen calling me and they were all saying that even after the newly diagnosed condition my annual premium for this year will be same but I'm skeptical about them, even if I switch to another insurer I'll have to mention my last insurance company and the dreaded second-opinion document of substance abuse will again be used to negate any more claims.

I'm asking you guys as the last resort for help.

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