Frustrated that kids can only get Medi-Cal now

When I had my first child, he qualified for Kaiser through Covered California. I recently had a second baby and when adding him and renewing my health insurance, suddenly they're moved to Medi-Cal while I keep CC and can stay with Kaiser. This is terrible, as there was little to not direction or explanation after being moved to Medi-Cal and had to spend so much time on the phone trying to get someone to tell me what I need to do or what this means. I finally got some answers and the care provider they automatically assigned my kids to is awful. The clinic is disgusting, the doctors are rude. I've had an established relationship with our pediatrician at Kaiser for a while now and I hate that I suddenly can't take them there for care anymore.

Is there seriously nothing I can do to get them back to Kaiser without having to spend $1600 a month for Kaiser insurance (not through the marketplace)? It's funny because we are on a single income (I'm a SAHM) where 90% of what we bring in a month just goes to rent and PG&E and they act like we're super wealthy. So it goes, I guess.

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