Generic RX vs name brand pricing issues! Help!?

If there’s a better sub for me to direct this question, please let me know!!! I went to fill my vyvanse RX yesterday and with my usual manufacturers coupon the price still came out to over $300 and my pharmacy didn’t have the generic available? The pharmacist told me I could call my insurance and ask them to lower my copay (this seems highly unlikely to help, the new fiscal(or whatever proper term) year just started for my insurance this month. Another option would be to call around different pharmacies and see if I can find somewhere with the generic. I feel like there was a miscommunication, whether from my understanding of the situation or the pharmacist misunderstanding my situation. I cannot afford to pay this! My usual monthly cost is around $30. I’m overwhelmed and of course took my last dose today! I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Who should I call first?! Thanks so much in advance. This is only my second post on Reddit, please be kinddddd!

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