Getting billed for the follow-up visit to my annual physical to discuss the bloodwork taken at my annual physical

I saw a doctor in February where I got my annual physical done and they took blood to do some tests, really your normal bloodwork although this is my first time. Before I left, we scheduled a follow-up to discuss the bloodwork with the front desk. The test results come in, I go to the follow-up, and I'm essentially told everything seems good, except maybe a little low vitamin D that he then writes me a prescription for, and then I'm on my way. I got a bill today and when I called in, I'm told I was charged for the follow-up visit because I was seen by a doctor and it was a separate visit from my annual physical.

Is this par for course? I've never had an annual physical done prior (actually because of anticipating surprise charges but everyone assured me it was the one thing covered by insurance, including people who have the same employer insurance as me) so not sure what happened.

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