Had a baby with two insurances. What should I expect for the bill?

Hello, a couple weeks ago me and my wife had a baby and when we checked in at the hospital they asked for our insurance information so we gave them both my wife’s insurance from her work and her dad’s insurance (which my wife was on because she was still 25 at the time, but she has since turned 26). We have yet to receive the full hospital bills but we have received the bill for our son’s circumcision, which appears that neither insurance has covered a single cent of that. My wife’s work insurance has a $2500 deductible and after that the insurance pays 75% to a max out of pocket of $6500. All I know about her fathers insurance is that it’s max out of pocket is $2500. I’m not really sure the benefits of having two insurances or what primary/secondary insurance really is. I was just wondering what I should expect in terms of the hospital bill cost? Also, is there no chance the insurance covers the circumcision or is that just because the baby wasn’t on the insurance yet? Hopefully this is enough information and any tips would be appreciated as well.