Have not received my insurance reimbursement check from dental services rendered in February; Insurance company keeps telling me to talk to dentist, dentist keeps telling me to talk to the insurance company

Received $162 worth of dental services back in February of this year, where I paid the cost with a credit card that same day. I had some issues with receiving my refund from my insurance the last time I saw them, but that was because they billed it to Aetna instead of the correct WebTPA provider. I was assured that it was sent to WebTPA this time, and didn't give it any further thought and expected my check in the mail, as was provided last time.

It's been just under three months since this dental appointment and I have yet to receive anything at all in the mail. All I've received is an itemized receipt of the services that were covered by my plan. I have asked the dental office what's going on, and they said that they immediately mailed the necessary things immediately after my dental services were performed, and WebTPA says they never received anything. So I asked them to again, and still nothing. At that point (in April) I just asked for an itemized receipt myself and submitted the claim. WebTPA says they have gotten that claim and paid out the check and it was sent to the dentist (why???) and cleared THEIR bank, and the dental office says they are having it processed to me through their larger office in Nashville (or WebTPA's offices, I have no idea at this point) and should be in my mailbox within three weeks. This whole conversation happened on April 22nd, so it's been over three weeks now, and still nothing.

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What am I supposed to do at this point? Is there any way to ensure I get my $162 back that my insurance is supposed to cover? Right now it just seems like both sides are playing games with me and pointing the finger of blame at one party or the other.

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