Hello, first time posting here, sorry if this is a common question.

Selecting health plan for my pregnant wife and myself. Broad strokes:

HDHP: $74 monthly premium; $3,200 deductible; $5000 out of pocket max.

PPO: $220 monthly premium; $1,500 deductible; $5,000 out of pocket max.

On its face, it seems like the HDHP is the obvious winner because the difference in premium is more than the difference in deductible but there are differences between the two plans

PPO: Visits to our Primary Care Physicians and Specialists are $25 copays and diagnostic x-ray/lab work is free.

HSA: Everything is covered at 20% after deductible.

My original thought was to ignore everything since we are going to blow past our out of pocket maximum with a pregnancy + birth in NYC due to the benefits that come with an HSA, but should I factor in the cheap doctor visits and free lab work with the pregnancy? Or I am I overthinking this.

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