Health Insurance Returning from Abroad

I have been living abroad for the past few years and am returning to the US (Ohio) today. I currently am not working so I tried to get health insurance under the ACA over two months ago. I finished the application, they processed it and said that my state agency would contact me about Medicaid within a month. It's been over a month since then and the state agency still hasn't contacted me. When I try to call them I just get an automated system it takes me through to tell me that they are still processing my eligibility. I tried to purchase a short term health insurance plan (not from the ACA) and they wouldn't cover me because I have been living outside the US for the past 12 months and I tried looking at expat health insurance for the US but they wouldn't let me input my US citizenship. Any advice? I have no pre-existing conditions and just want something that will protect me from financial ruin if I get into a car accident or something.

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