says I am not eligible for medicaid but it keeps auto-renewing every year

I was jobless in 2020 mid covid (duh) and applied for Virginia Medicaid. Then in 2021 I reapplied with new income on marketplace and it said I was NOT eligible for medicaid anymore, but only for Marketplace plans. So I ignored and did not enroll for anything. Since then, my medicaid and anthem plan keep auto-renewing every year and even for 2024. Like what the heck?

I logged on to my account today and found out it kept auto enroll me every year, and every year it says ‘NOT eligible for medicaid, your income is too high.’

So why does it keep doing that? I contacted support and they told me to report a life change, and I did that before, and I still have medicaid. They force me to have medicaid at this point. Should I be worried they will ask for their money back when it is corrected? Should I just ignore it because I have proof on my account that I didn’t falsify my income, it is recorded.

UPDATE 1: even weirder, my marketplace account, in the My Plans and Program section, it says my status as: Plan terminated since April 2022. LOL what

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