vs employer insurance.

I lost my job about 60 days ago ( it looks like going through might not be an option due to the time lapsed).

I've been on Cobra for 2 months, but it's $2800/month.

My wife is a therapist and in private practice who she's not eligible for benefits through an employer.

I've been unable to find a job but I need to get insurance for my family. I've looked at the portal and the top level plans are around $1000-1500/mo for me. That's cheaper that what I've traditionally paid through an employer after their contribution.

I qualify for a couple hundred dollars off based on income, but why is it cheaper through the portal than an employer? It seems too good to be true.

If I can get equivalent coverage to what I've been getting for less $ is there a drawback to using it instead of employer insurance?

I've been thru several interviews over the past week and hoping I land something soon. I've read that some workplaces require you to use their Healthcare but am clueless if that's true?

So why is insurance cheaper through the portal and why wouldn't I want to use it instead of through an employer? Or at least use it instead of Cobra until I get a new job?


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