Help choosing between POS and EPO

I’m deciding between an Aetna POS and EPO. Same provider network, NYC. Here’s some info:

POS (my current plan): No referrals, in and out of network, very high deductible (3000 in, 6000 out). Eligible for HSA. 0% coinsurance (some copays) after deductible. With one month left, I’m just hitting the in-network deductible. I have some regular out-of-network care but won’t hit that deductible.

EPO: No referrals, in network only, lower deductible (1000). Not eligible for HSA. 20% coinsurance after deductible. Premium is $25/month more than the POS.

I’m wondering if the EPO would cost me less overall, even with the higher premium and coinsurance. I’ve used a fair amount of healthcare this year, and it still took me 11 months to hit the POS deductible. And barring something catastrophic, I’d basically pay out of pocket for out of network either way.

Or are the lower premium and HSA from the POS worth it? Is there anything else I’m overlooking?

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