Hi! Trying to figure out the cheapest/BEST option this coming year. My husband gets health insurance through his work, but the options to add myself/daughter are super expensive. So, my daughter and I have been buying our health insurance through marketplace. We have a bronze plan currently, and $30 co-pay per doctor visit. Our total is $600/month taking advantage of $100 subsidy each month. We won't qualify for the subsidy next year. I was contacted by a private insurance agent about private insurance through United Health Insurance Plus. It almost seems too good to be true. $485/month total for both my daughter and I. No deductable or co-pay with the insurance covering 50-80% off all procedures with other deductions added up to a certain amount of visits. Does anyone have experience with these private plans, or is there something I should know about them? Looking at marketplace, it looks like a bronze-silver plans this coming year will have super high deductables with $45/ co-pays at all doctor visits costing between $750-850 total monthly for both my daughter and I. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!

I would love a 0 deductable plan. I'm fine with a $20-30 co-pay per doctor visit. I would love ER visits to be a one time fee of $500 or less, and I want to pay less than $700/month total for both my daughter and I. Am I looking for a unicorn??? lol

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