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Hope you're all doing well!

Started my first post-college position this month with the State of Michigan, and am trying to choose between health plans that would be best for me. All plans are only for covering myself.

About me: I am 24. Have hypothyroidism so I have to take Synthroid daily (which I have been doing for over a year.) Had groin surgery back in January. Have had gallbladder problems in the past (my mother got hers removed so I may need to keep an eye on that.) Have a history of diabetes in my family as well. I was also suppose to get labs done on my kidneys at some point but still haven't because of frequent urination problems. All in all, probably a few labs next year + moles need to get screened for cancer at some point. I wanted to say I'm a healthy person in their 20s, but after reading that I start to doubt myself lol.

Both plans use Blue Cross Blue Shield. (all costs are assuming in-network.) I will also include a link below for an in-depth comparison made by the State of Michigan.

Plans PPO HDHP w/HSA Premium (annually) $1,528.20 $780.00 Deductible $400 $1600 Coinsurance 10% 20% (after deductible is met) Out-of-pocket max $2,000 $4,000 Prescription Drug copays Retail-$10/$30/$60Mail Order-$20/$60/$120 Retail-$10/$30/$60Mail Order-$20/$60/$120 (after deductible is met) HSA employer annual contribution N/A $750

State Dental is $26 a year and Vision is free.

In-depth plan comparison link:


Let me know what y'all opinions are, and feel free to ask any questions if that'll help.

Thanks in advance and happy early Thanksgiving (:

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