Help to pick a marketplace plan for me and my wife in PA

Hi folks,

I may be purchasing a marketplace plan for myself and my wife in the next year. She is currently still overseas and we are working on her immigration. It could still be a while, but I like to plan ahead.

I will likely want to get her a marketplace plan regardless of whether I continue to have my employer-sponsored HDHP or if I go independent contractor and buy a marketplace plan for myself as well.

Some medical history.


Had cervical cancer. It's been clear for about two years now after treatment in the Philippines and she is generally healthy.


On maintenance meds for type 2 diabetes and hypertension. Metformin, Lisinopril, Atorvastatin.

It looks like plans range from about 700ish for an ambetter plan to 1500 for an Independence PPO plan for both of us. My doctor is in the Penn Medicine health network. Unless I find a better local health network, I am planning to bring my wife to Penn Medicine for ongoing checkups regarding her previous cancer diagnosis and primary care. Any idea which plan would work out better for us? I am ok paying more monthly for some assurance that we aren't going to go bankrupt if one of us gets sick again or if we will get better care.

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