Help understanding GEHA HDHP plan costs

I’m on GEHA HDHP. I’m looking at mental health care.

On my costs list for in-network doctors, it says you pay 5%. The footnotes say “calendar year deductible applies”.

My yearly deductible is $1,600. GEHA’s contribution is $1,000. Net deductible is $600. Out of pocket maximum is $6,000.

Question 1. Does that mean that I will pay 100% of the costs of my visits, until I’ve paid $600? And then after that point, I pay 5% of the costs?

Question 2. I live on and island that has no in-network therapists for in office visits. The closest town to me (a boat ride away) has a therapist that is listed as in-network, but she only offers telehealth and I could only see her via telehealth anyway because I can’t do an expensive long boat ride once a week. My costs list says I have unlimited telehealth visits via MDLIVE (stupid online portal with therapists that are not in my geographical area) and mental health office costs covered for 5% costs….does that mean that I do not have the option of using telehealth outside of MDLIVE?

I’m so overwhelmed and just need to be able to find and afford a therapist.

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