Help with a $441.76 doctor’s visit that I believe should be covered, or heavily prorated, per’s Preventive care benefits for adults criteria

If I am currently uninsured (working part time without benefits and did not secure ACA health insurance during open enrollment) and I need to have surgery before open enrollment next year, can I quit my part time job to join another with benefits to gain health insurance? Do I need to wait til 2023?

I have been on a HDHP for a couple years now, but recently started with a new employer earlier this year. This is my first time ever visiting a doctor on a HDHP.

I wanted to get back on PreP, get an STD test, and establish a new primary care doctor. I also received the COVID bivalent booster and flu shot (they were covered 100%).

Per, I believe that my visit should have been covered 100% or heavily prorated as I met the doctor for:

I emailed the healthcare coordinator at work and they said that the doctor’s office may have coded it incorrectly. I did a quick search and 99214 seems correct, but I don’t see any language about preventive or meeting the criteria for preventive care per

I was billed:

99214 Office/Outpatient Established Mod Man 30-39 Min 502.00

Insurance paid 60.24

Balance due: 441.76

My explanation of benefits is here. Per row 2, it appears that this visit should have been free (or heavily prorated as I’ve said before).

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

We’re currently in open enrollment so understanding this is very important as I don’t want to be charged a couple hundred dollars each time my doctor talks to me about PreP or STD screening (testing is done quarterly and sometimes the doctors want to talk to us quarterly to check in, I don’t want to pay a couple hundred dollars each quarter to be told that I’m HIV- and I have no STDs as I get that information for “free” in the patient portal once the lab results come in).