HMO Requires using their web portal but only one of their in-network providers can be referred to with their next appointment a year away

I asked to be referred to a specialist I found in my HMO's "search in network" provider tool but when my PCP goes to send the referral through the insurance portal (they don't allow paper referrals), only one in network provider can be selected (no matter what code they use).

I confirmed with my insurance the provider I want to see is in network. I had one rep say the one I wanted is an overflow provider only for the next rep to say they aren't. Called the place they keep referring me to (their next appointment is August of 2024), and they flat out refused to overflow my referral.

I've been going back and forth with them for 3 weeks and they keep trying to blame the doctors but I watched my doctor submit the referral request in their portal. It only lets them select one provider out of the eight or so available.

One rep claimed that it takes 3-10 days for the HMO to approve my referral only for another to say it takes 24 hours and I don't know what to believe anymore. I asked for my EOC and they said they'd need to send out a request for it.

Is this normal?

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